Carpet Care & Maintenance

Keep your carpet looking and performing its best with our guide.

Keep your carpet in top shape with these simple steps

  1. Prevent Dirt Inside:

    Use walk-off mats at entrances to absorb dirt and moisture. Clean the mats regularly to avoid them becoming sources of soil.

  2. Quality Carpet Pad:

    Invest in a good carpet pad for better comfort and resilience. Check your carpet warranty for specific density and thickness requirements.

  3. Move Furniture Occasionally:

    Renew your room's feel and prevent excessive pile crushing by occasionally moving heavy furniture. Use carpet protectors under furniture legs to distribute weight.

  4. Protect when Moving Furniture:

    When moving heavy wheeled furniture, place a protective barrier like cardboard or plywood between the wheels and the carpet to prevent damage.

  5. Clean Area Rugs:

    Clean area rugs regularly, and check for colorfastness before placing them on the carpet. Allow the carpet to dry completely after cleaning before putting rugs back.

  6. Reduce Sunlight Exposure:

    Protect your carpet from prolonged direct sunlight using blinds, shades, or awnings.

  7. Select the Right Vacuum:

    Choose a vacuum with adjustable height, beater bar rotation, and fan speed based on your carpet's fiber type and construction. Vacuum regularly to extend your carpet's life.

  8. Vacuum Features:

    • Adjustable Height: Use the highest setting where appropriate.

    • Adjustable Motor Speed: Use a medium or low setting where appropriate.

    • Large Wheels: Ensure the vacuum glides easily across the carpet.

    • For high pile, wool, wool blend, and premium soft carpets, look for features that allow easy maintenance.

  9. Vacuuming Tips:

    • Adjust the vacuum height to lightly touch the carpet surface.

    • Vacuum multiple times against the nap in the same area to check for fraying or damage.

    • Change the setting or use a different vacuum if you notice any issues.

With these tips, your carpet will stay clean and comfortable for years to come!


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