About Hardwood

Enhance the look and feel of your home with hardwood floors.

Why Choose Hardwood?

Nothing compares to the beautiful, natural tones and textures of hardwood flooring. Hardwood creates a welcoming environment and enhances the look and feel of your entire home. Hardwood increases the value of your home, and with the right care can last a lifetime, making it a sound investment for many homeowners. Available in a variety of options, you'll find a hardwood to complement any style and stand up to any lifestyle.

Plus, hardwood is durable, able to handle daily wear and tear with ease. Prefinished hardwood and engineered hardwood options are made to stand up to a busy household and are more resistant to scratches and dents. Solid hardwood is still an option for people who prefer the look and feel of it.

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Types of Hardwood

The style you choose will balance your personal style and your lifestyle needs. Choose from distressed, handscraped, wire brushed, and smooth.

  • Distressed hardwood finishes mimic the look of aged and weathered wood that give the floor an antique and rustic appearance.
  • Handscraped hardwood finishes have a subtle texture with scraped or gouged marks, giving the floor a rustic and antique look.
  • Smooth hardwood gives the floor a more modern and contemporary look and is a good choice if you want a sleek and polished look.
  • Wire brushed hardwood finishes give the floor a weathered, textured look, and can make it less susceptible to scratches and other wear.

Get Inspired

Before you invest in new flooring, explore our gallery of room scenes featuring the latest hardwood flooring ideas and designs perfect for your home.

Installation & Maintenance

Now that you've found your perfect flooring, learn more about the installation process and how to properly care for your new hardwood.

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